Botal (Harjit Harman)
Pog (Harjit Harman)
Banda (Harjit Harman)
Jattan De Putt (Harjit Harman)
Note (Harjit Harman)
Mittran Da Din Langda (Harjit Harman)
Hoor (Harjit Harman)
Mittran Da Na Chalda (Harjit Harman)
Yadaan (Harjit Harman)
Gal Dil Di (Harjit Harman)
Yada (Harjit Harman)
Nachna Na Bhul Jeen (Harjit Harman)
Rog (Harjit Harman)
Mitran Da Na Chalda (Harjit Harman)
Kolon Langhdi (Harjit Harman)
Ik Pegg (Harjit Harman)
Charkha (Harjit Harman)
Gal Dil Di Das Sajna (Harjit Harman)
Na Na Sohniye (Harjit Harman)
Dangan Kharak Payinan (Harjit Harman)
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